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Syretta Daguilh

Hello I am Ms. Daguilh Special Education teacher.  I teach in the Occupational Course of Study science.  The two subjects I teach are OCS Biology and OCS Applied Science.  below is a brief description of both of my classes along with some of the policies, rules, and regulations I have in my classes.
 OCS Biology
Welcome to Biology.  I look forward to working with the students.  They will learn biological (biology) concepts necessary for the general understanding or for advance study.  This course covers inquiry of simple, but careful observation, collecting and recording data, and drawing conclusions from activities. 
Welcome to Applied Science.  I look forward to working with the students.  They will learn key concepts about Forces and Motion, Energy, Electricity and Magnetism, Matter, Chemicals, Environment, and Body Systems.  This course covers inquiry of simple, but careful observation, collecting and recording data, and drawing conclusions from activities. 


  • Students are expected to come prepared to class everyday (paper, pencil, books, notebooks, homework, assignments, etc.)
  • Students will have assigned seats and are expected to be seated and starting on the Bell Ringer when the bell rings.
  • Students are expected to use the restroom, get a drink out water, and groom before class starts.  When the bell rings that is the teachers time and it will be used accordingly.  (DO ALL THESE THINGS BEFORE CLASS)
  • Be respectful to teacher and classmates at all times.  When someone is talking, others are listening.  Respect others feelings, and the classroom environment.  
  • Be respectful to other people’s property.  This includes computers, desk or materials, and those things belonging to other students.  (If it is not yours please do not touch it without permission)
  • Always use appropriate language when talking to the teacher or classmates, and in the classroom environment.  Do not use the word “SHUT UP” it is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. (NOTE: NO CUSSING ALLOWED.)
  • Food and candy are not tolerated during class or lab unless instructed otherwise.  Drink is allowed only at seats and not at all during labs. 
  • Electronics should not be out or seen during class or lab unless permission is given by the teacher.  When used at inappropriate times the teacher will collect them and put them in the collection box.
  • Late work is not encouraged but is accepted on occasions with a penalty of the teacher’s discression.  Students should be responsible and make sure they come with all materials including the work due for that day. 
  • Projects will not be accepted late, they are due on their due dates.  No excuses just results.
  • Talking during test/quizzes will result in an automatic zero.
  • Cheating during test/quizzes will result in an automatic zero.

 (All work can be immediately turned in the next day for excused absences only with no penalty given towards the grade.  The student is responsible for getting the work that they missed when they where absent, and will be given time accordingly to make up the work.  Absentee folders are located on the back of the door.  It is the student’s responsibility to check the folder and make up work.)




  • 1st offense = Verbal Warning
  • 2nd offense = Seat Moved/Writing Assignment
  • 3rd offense = Call Home/Teacher Swap
  • 4th offense = Chill Out (ISD/ISS), Call to parents
  • 5th offense = After school detention/Referral


*Make-Up Work: (after school or before school ONLY, NOT during class)

·         Make up work is the student’s responsibility.  I will not remind you what you missed or what you need to make up.  You need to see the teacher and let me know you need your work or check the absentee folder.

·         It is the student’s responsibility to collect their make-up work and any notes they missed.  Any questions concerning the assignments should be addressed before the bell rings or after class.  Even when absent, you are still responsible for any work that was given, and for any upcoming test/quizzes or assignments.

·         Test/quizzes should be made up immediately for full credit if you have an excused absence; without an excused absence the credit is to the discresion of the teacher.

·         You have 5 days to make-up work or it will be recorded as a zero.  This does not include homework.  When homework is missed and you return it needs to be returned the next day.  TO FORGET IS NOT AN EXCUSE.  BE RESPONSIBLE.



1.        3 ring binder

2.        Composition Notebook

3.        Paper

4.        Pencil/Pen

5.        Index cards

6.     Dividers/Tabs


1.        Construction or Art paper

2.        Glue/Glue Sticks

3.    Color Pencils


Students are required to bring their notebook and all other materials to class everyday.  (Students may write in pen (black/blue) or pencil; No work will be accepted in any other color.



Grades will be given by the point system.  Students should save all worksheets tests, quizzes, and other class materials until the end of the semester.  Teachers make mistakes and if you have no proof to prove it your grade cannot be changed.  The lowest quiz grade will dropped every 9 weeks.



1.        Writing Journals

2.        Bell Ringers

3.        Knowing vocabulary terms

4.        Completing worksheets and assignments

5.        Doing labs

6.        Studying                                                                                                       

7.        Being organized

8.        Test/Quizzes

9.        Other graded/non-graded materials


Extra Help

Ms. Daguilh’s – Planning Period



Monday – Thursday           4:00 pm – 6:00 pm M31


Appointments can also be made.  Please sign-up or let one of the teachers know you are coming and what you would like to go over.  There will be tutoring letters going out to parents.  These letters are to inform parents of their student’s progress to let them know they need help and tutoring is that opportunity.