Up and Coming

Spring Final Exam Schedule

* Friday June 1, 2018

- Senior Testing (AM and PM Sessions)

- Full Instructional Day.  Regular Bell Schedule. All Class Periods 90 minutes

Monday  June 4, 2018

1st Period Exam - 8:30 - 1:10

Lunch - 1:10 - 1:50  

2nd Period Class Review - 2:00 - 3:40 (100”)

*Tutoring Bus will run at 5:20 pm only on Monday of exam week

Tuesday June  5, 2018

2nd Period Exam - 8:30 - 1:10

Lunch -  1:10 - 1:50

3rd Period Class Review - 2:00 - 3:40 (100”)

Wednesday June  6, 2018

3rd Period Exam - 8:30 - 1:10

Lunch - 1:10 - 1:50

4th Period Class Review -2:00 - 3:40 (100”)

Thursday June  7, 2018

4th Period Exam - 8:30 - 1:10

*Lunch - 1:10 - 1:30  

*Buses Roll - 1:30 Sharp!  

Things to Remember  

*All chromebooks must be visually checked, receipted, and stored in classroom by teacher.  No students are dismissed from room until all chromebooks accounted for and stored* More information to follow from Technology folks.

Final Exam Plan Details:
1.  Every student must take a final exam in every class the student is enrolled in.

2.  Final Exam counts 25% of the course final grade for the semester.

3.  All students must take final exams during the scheduled exam times per exam schedule.

4.  There is no early release from an exam period.

5.  Teacher of record has supervision responsibility for students during the entire exam period.

6.  All staff members will be scheduled as exam administrator/proctor as circumstances require.

7.  All staff members are needed for supervision during class changes, lunches, end of day, in

    hallways, courtyards, bus lot, cafeterias as applicable (an exam day duty roster will follow).

8.  Principal prior approval is required for an deviation from any piece of the Final Exam Plan

9.  Reminder students frequently and especially each exam day to:

- report to exam location as soon as possible each exam day so devices can be

 logged in for for testing and testing can begin in timely manner
- charge the chromebook every night

- bring the chromebook, charger, and case to school each exam day

- the chromebook, charger, and case will be checked for visible damage, receipted,

 collected and stored by teacher after last exam on June 7.  (June 1 for seniors)

10. Enjoy!

** If a student misses a state mandated exam (EOC, NCFE, CTE), the student may be pulled from afternoon review to complete the exam, or in extreme cases pulled the next morning.