Hoke County High School Staff Directory

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StaffE-MailPhone Ext.Course(s)
Bowden, Franklin fbowden@hcs.k12.nc.us  Assistant Principal 
Brewington, Joel jbrewington@hcs.k12.nc.us  Assistant Principal 
Brigman, Gary gbrigman@hcs.k12.nc.us  Athletic Director 
Burney, Stephanie sburney@hcs.k12.nc.us 4000 Associate Principal 
Covington. Nicole ncovington@hcs.k12.nc.us  Digital Technology Instructional Facilitator, Web Master, SGA Advisor 
Dowles, Sam sdowles@hcs.k12.nc.us  English Instructional Facilitator 
Edwards, Roger redwards@hcs.k12.nc.us 6105 Head Principal 
Finkbeiner, Sabrina sabrina.finkbeiner@hcs.k12.nc.us  Assistant Principal 
Glass, Heather hglass@hcs.k12.nc.us  Physical Education, Head Softball Coach 
Hollingsworth-Shaw, Esther  eholl-shaw@hcs.k12.nc.us  Math Instructional Facilitator 
Jackson, Patty pjackson@hcs.k12.nc.us  Media Coordinator 
Jorgensen, David djorgensen@hcs.k12.nc.us  Head Football Coach 
Locklear, Brandon blockear@hcs.k12.nc.us  Career and College Readiness 
McFayden, Stephany smcfayden@hcs.k12.nc.us  EC, Head Cheerleading Coach 
McLaughlin, Regina rmclaughlin@hcs.k12.ncus  Math, Womens' Head Track Coach 
MCPherson, Paul pmcpherson@hcs.k12.nc.us  JROTC, Head Mens' Cross Country Coach 
Monroe, Shawna smonroe@hcs.k12.nc.us  Head Varsity Volleyball Coach 
Pattersonm, Quame qpatterson@hcs.k12.nc.us  EC, Head Mens' Basketball Coach 
Roberts, Shanna sroberts@hcs.k12.nc.us  Digital Technology Instructional Facilitator, Web Master 
Stroud, Travis tstroud@hcs.k12.nc.us 6231 Assistant Principal 
Walworth, Vernon vwalworth@hcs.k12.nc.us 6405  PBIS Trainer, Head Wrestling Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Athletic Student Services 
Wilburn, Shelley swilburn@hcs.k12.nc.us  EC, PBIS 
Showing 22 items